Published: 15 Feb 2013

Master Speaker Series

Dr. Pablo Ermilio Guerrero Martinez will give a talk titled "Socialism of 21st Century in Latin America". Join us!

The speech will explain the lack of rule of law in Ecuador and will focus on the so-called socialism of the 21st century in Latin America. The situation will be compared to other European fascist and totalitarian theories. The speaker will analyse legal, political and philosophical aspects of the new constitution of Ecuador, which is a copy of the Venezuelan constitutional model led by Hugo Chavez. Various passages from the book including "Socialism of 21st Century," written by Hans Dietrich, discuss old Marxist dogma as the law of class struggle, and "The Value of Goodwill" theory will be analysed with a focus on strategy and geopolitics. The lecture will also touch on the Post-Cold War period and the risks of returning to a bipolar world in which the protagonists are the Western World vs. Iran and the Bolivarian Alliance of Latin American countries.