Published: 18 Jan 2013

Working Together

Our marketing and strategy lecturer Sarah Lambersky successfully launched a quarterly digital magazine, 'Countlan', this August. The second issue was released in November.

Countlan is dedicated to exploring how people all over the world entertain at home through design, food and travel.

“The goal is to create more excitement and inspiration around entertaining at home by providing people with context and stories about the items/ingredients/accessories they use. For example, we did a big spread on olive oil looking at the ingredient from different angles such as how to adopt your own olive oil tree, baking with olive oil, hosting an olive oil tasting party, and the rise of the specialty olive oil store.”

Sarah Lambersky worked with Prague College students, Stuart Woods and Alina Kotova on the editorial layout, graphic design and illustration for both issues, and they will begin working on issue three in early 2013. Stuart told us "I like editorial design, and when Sarah approached me to do the magazine from scratch I though it was a good opportunity." Alina illustrates the magazine and she told us "I really enjoy my role for the magazine as I can experiment with different styles for an illustrated map in each issue. It has really helped me find a personal style." 

Great work, everyone!