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WHAT IS WHAT IF - MA Fine Art & Future Design Graduation Show 2019

by Matthew Butler, on 04 June 2019 10:43:42 CEST

Thursday 13 June 2019 (vernissage) | 5pm | Bishop's Court Art & Design Studios | Biskupský Dvůr 6, Praha 1

Prague College MA Fine Art and MA Future Design students are pleased to invite you to attend the opening of the exhibition of their final projects.

The vernissage of the MA Fine Art and MA Future Design programmes takes place at the Bishop's Court Art & Design Studios on Thursday 13 June at 5pm. Following the vernissage the exhibition will be open to the public at the Bishop's Court Art & Design Studios 14 - 17 June, 12pm - 8pm. You can follow the artists on their instagram page @WHATISWHATIF and join the event on Facebook here


Meet the artists - brief words from our students

Anna Philippova


A lively, colourful book that aims to teach children (aged 6-8) to better understand plants and how to care for them. Created for parents to read along with their child, it contains fun facts and offers shared activities. There are even plant seeds included! You’ll both learn many surprising things, and your kiddo may even be inspired to create their own garden.

Nikky Yu Montesclaros


A project that addresses the phenomenal amount of discarded coconut waste and the enormous benefits to be gained from its implementation in numerous diverse industries. Being in continuous supply, every form of coconut waste has remarkable qualities. When well managed, this reliable, sustainable resource can help solve the bigger issues.

Ondřej Fučík


An app that invites makers to donate their spare materials and offcuts to others who wish to make good use of them. After all, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Community-based and handy to use, you simply upload a few images of the available items, provide some details, and presto, the info is instantly accessible to all.

Nicolò Iannone


A device consisting of a Smart Band and a Smart Ring worn on the body and controlled by an app. Its purpose is to alert people wearing headphones or earbuds of crucial sounds/ motions in their path – like sirens, horns or human interaction – through vibrations and gently flashing lights. The settings are also customisable, to suit your exact needs.

David Petryca


A futuristic entity: a spherical, hollow object one-metre in diameter. To enter the sphere you insert only your head, whereupon you’re transported to another realm via your senses. The mystery is revealed upon partaking. “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Arthur C. Clarke

Nicole Severin


A project intended to boost environmental awareness while enhancing environmental protection. This platform connects organisations with individuals and is devised to appeal to virtually everyone by matching abilities with situations to achieve the best fit. With this level of positive interaction, all local communities will benefit in leaps and bounds.

Liaman Khankishiyeva


Vernacular architecture, local crafts, and simple decorative objects in ordinary homes leave their traces on everyday life in all cultures of the world. Daily rituals grow into traditions or remain as particular habits… This body of work captures these intangible memories, imprinting them into and onto brand new objects – abstract expressions of nostalgia.

William Holm


Through the process of transferring the digital to the analogue, the project addresses information-technology and media consumption, and the impact they have on our way of reasoning. With roots in Nature and branches in the air, the installation presents a light-hearted yet slightly disconcerting environment, inviting contemplation and interaction.

Join the event on Facebook here www.facebook.com/events/447042889174701/


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