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Welcome Week 2019

by Ry Hallada, on 03 September 2019 14:43:22 CEST

By Prague College Student Services Specialist - Ry Hallada

15years Prague College has turned 15 this year and we're getting ready to invite yet another group of international students to join our growing community! Each fall we kick off the academic year with our Welcome Week activities which include Orientation Day, Program Inductions, and even a barbecue! Our new students have a whole week dedicated to exploring their new home, and we can't wait to meet all of you! 

As the beginning of the semester is just around the corner, the Student Services office is in high gear. Not only are we excited to share projects that have inspired us over the summer, but we're also looking forward to continuing with some of our favourite traditions. Starting on September 16th, we'll be welcoming incoming students to Prague College and helping them get settled in their new city. In addition to Prague College staff, we have some great returning students to share experiences and give advice! 


Here are some quotes from current students to share a bit of insight with the new members of our academic community: 

“It was a great opportunity to start living my passion about art. I met amazing friends, or better to say family. I don't know how it will be after graduation but I know I will continue to enjoy everyday day here!” - Mandan, Graphic Design student 

Marcelo, a Business student, remembers advice that was given to him by one of his lecturers at Prague College: "It's not as hard as it might seem now. Just give it time, go to classes, study on your own, take your time writing the assignments and you'll do fine."

"During the first few days it is easy to feel a bit lost in a new place - new school, new city and new language, but I was lucky while studying here since everyone is truly helpful and supportive. They try to bring the best out of you! You could go to Ry (Student Services) or Amanda (Admissions) for any help!” - Sulieman, Computing student


As there has been growing interest in student driven activities, we will also be announcing our Prague College Societies initiatives. Students will be able to organise and develop groups based on special hobbies, common tastes, and even a thirst for adventure. The most popular student clubs from previous years will be revitalised and the door is open for new societies to make an impact in our community this year. We'll be announcing sign-ups during the first couple weeks of the school year, so stay tuned.  

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Lastly, Don’t forget to check out our Official Prague College Spotify Playlists! These playlists are curated by students, staff, and special guests from our community. If you are interested in contributing to a playlist or becoming a guest curator, you can get in touch with us at music@praguecollege.cz. In the meantime, check out our Summer Vibes playlist, and the guest curator playlist from lecturer Joel Imhoof!

The Student Services team is available to help with questions and advice, even before our Welcome Week so please do not hesitate to get in touch at student.services@praguecollege.cz. If you are arriving to Prague earlier than Welcome Week, our doors are open from 10:00am - 4:00pm if you'd like to stop by and say hello!

But for now, let's enjoy the last couple weeks of summer! 


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