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by Matthew Butler, on 15 February 2019 13:30:00 CET

A #NoTimeToWaste project for a sustainable future 

#WasteStopsWithUs is a group illustration project from 12 international students, aiming to raise awareness around the global problem of waste through Instagram as a tool to reach as many people as possible.

Participants created over 200 illustrations to inform about the problem of waste, explain how each of us is responsible for it and what changes in the lifestyle can be made by each individual, in particular, to initiate a change and help to solve the problem.


Where did your inspiration to choose this particular topic come from?

The idea behind the project was to give students experience in speaking out loud about important topics with their art, which can be louder than any spoken word. Another aim was to show that social networks are, in fact, a marketing tool, reaching more people every day than any other form of media, and for many people their main source of information today. So they can and should be used for speaking about topical issues such as the waste problem.

What would you like to influence with your work?

I believe in the opportunity for social networks to become more of a space for actual social connection, a space for having serious conversations and exchanging opinions, rather than pure advertising or sharing pretty pictures. By creating content that has value we can help that happen.

What did you learn during your work on the project? What you feel proud of?

This was the first semester of HND Graphic Design programme for these students, so they were still getting used to the system and the new environment in general. So, asking them to create 30 meaningful illustrations each within a consistent style, while still working on projects for other classes was, frankly speaking - unlikely. I wasn’t sure they were going to make it, but they proved they could.
They all started with a different level, sometimes with none of the main skills in illustration, yet each of them found their own approach to the project and successfully accomplished it. I’m proud of them and grateful for all the work and effort they invested in this project!



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