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Visiting Prague College a matter of business and pleasure

by Alex Went, on 23 September 2015 16:21:52 CEST

We talk to Teesside University's Fred Hutchinson about his latest visit to Prague, and ask him what makes Prague College special

Fred Hutchinson is Principal Lecturer in Accounting at Teesside University, Prague College's academic partner in the UK. As well as being the e-learning co-ordinator at Teesside's School of Social Sciences, Business and Law, he has multiple research interests, including performance management in fraud investigation and asset recovery, and the role of football in economic generation.

As part of the ongoing cooperation between the two universities, Fred makes a number of trips each year to review the work of the Prague College School of Business, its lecturers and students. ‘It’s a quality assurance activity,’ he says, ‘but more than that, a way of enhancing and adding value to the Business programme’. Teesside accredits and awards degrees in three Prague College business programmes: the BA (Hons) in International Business Management; the BA (Hons) in Business Finance and Accounting; and the MSc in International Management. Fred’s brief is to ensure that the syllabuses are delivered in line with Teesside’s expectations, and that they meet a consistent standard.

‘Prague College is seen as an excellent academic partner’, according to Fred, ‘mainly because of the quality of the senior staff, and the guidance and assistance that is given not only to students but also to new lecturers. Proper processes are in place and the academic environment is fully supportive. All this springs from good communication between the respective schools of business in Prague and Teesside, and sharing of knowledge and expertise as well as good practice.’  Every year, Teesside University’s role as the College’s partner is very evident, from shared student work in art exhibitions, to lecturers visiting from the UK for conferences. Students from our School of Computing also regularly take part in Teesside’s IT and technology fair. ‘Even so,’ says Fred, ’it would be nice to have even more visits from Prague College - we’re always happy to welcome you to the North-East of England’.

After many visits over the years, Fred is by now very familiar with Prague. What does he think of the college in the context of the city? ‘Talking to students, Prague is a cosmopolitan city, one that is safe and economical to study and live in. The location of the college is good, with excellent accommodation nearby and really good transport links - Prague is served by many airports in the North of England, which makes getting here a particular pleasure. As for Czech, I'm becoming increasingly comfortable with ordering in restaurants!'

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