Published: 04 Apr 2017

Visiting Artists: The Rodina

Thursday 13 April 2017 | 6pm | Biskupský dvůr 6

On Thursday 13 April we welcome design studio The Rodina as the latest in our series of Visiting Artists.
2017fortune01.jpgThe Rodina studio was founded in 2011 by Czech-born Tereza and Vit Ruller, independent graphic designers based in Amsterdam. The studio works on commissioned design projects, while also experimenting autonomously.

Together with Joeri Woudstra and Julia C. Aguiar, the Rullers specialize in video, interactive, installations and visual identities. Their cross-media approach examines the idea of communication as thousands of small interactions leading to actions.

The studio invents new ways of preserving and producing experience, knowledge and relationships; and it designs events, objects and tools that express connections between culture, technology and aesthetics.
quote-marks.pngThe Rodina’s philosophy is fun and joyful above all else, lending their work a uniquely inspiring influence as well as a hint of insanity." ━ It’s Nice That

"The Rodina treat design as an agent for activity, for evoking restless responses, confusion, and continual conversation." ━ Eye on Design, AIGA

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