Published: 03 Oct 2016

Visiting Artist: Pavla Nešverová

13 October 2016 | 6 pm | Bishop's Court

Pavla Nešverová is a Czech artist of multiple talents. Her interdisciplinary work crosses boundaries between traditional disciplines such as music, visual art and design.


An avid organ player and composer, she has recently been studying the relationship between sound and image, exploring the visualization of sound and music. She is a successful, award winning graphic designer and animator, currently working in the design team of Czech TV (Česká televize).

Together with Korean designer Sera Yong they have been working as a creative duo PRAOUL, well known for their unique illustrations.

Pavla studied music at the Prague Conservatoire and holds a BA degree in graphic design from the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague, Netherlands as well as a Master's degree from the Academy of Art, Architecture and Design in Prague, Czech Republic.

In the course of this talk, Pavla will present and discuss her work for commercial clients as well as her personal projects in which audio, static and moving images come together to create unique results.