Published: 27 Feb 2013

Underground City XXI - Phase 1 Workshop

The main topics of the workshop are the evaluation of existing technologies related to cyber worlds, collaborative experimentations and 2D/3D multimedia creation in mixed 3D multiuser environments shared on internet.

The week is designed as a concrete continuous work session when artists, interdisciplinary researchers, IT and students are invited to present and share ideas, knowledge/knowhow, and to develop real outcomes like 2D and 3D graphics, videos and sounds, interactive 3D digital worlds, interfaces or devices and more. It’s an experimental time when all participants will search collaboratively how to build bridges between social network concepts, arts and technologies. We will try to customize those technologies and to identify what are the software, hardware or programming languages we should use to create our multiuser platform; and to define the costs in terms of programming time, software and hardware acquisition, budget sharing etc. 

The workshop will involve international participants (professionals and students) invited by the 4 Co-organizers, Labin Art Express (Hr), Prague College (CZ), Libat (Fr) and Nomad theater (A). 

This Prague Workshop is an essential research session when each participant will try to interconnect analogical and digital systems, testing their potentials and limits. 

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