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Media Innovation & Technology Speaker Series

We are very excited to announce that the School of Media & IT have created their own lecture series: Media Innovation & Technology Series (MITS) and on November 11, will feature Multimedia Artist Mika Johnson, as their very first guest lecturer.

Visiting Artist: David Brada

Thursday 23 November 2017 | 6pm | Biskuský dvůr 6, Prague  1

How do you produce entertaining, disruptive advertising campaigns without breaking the bank? The latest speaker in our series of Visiting Artists and Lecturers knows how!

Visiting Artist: Pavel Zelenka (Studio Marvil)

Thursday 9 November 2017 | 6pm | Biskupský dvůr 6, Praha 1

We are very pleased to welcome Pavel Zelenka as the latest in our series of Visiting Artists.

Visiting Artist: Palo Fabuš

Thursday 12 October 2017 | 6pm | Bishop's Court

Our first VALS speaker of the semester is Palo Fabuš, editor-in-chief of Umělec, an art magazine devoted to Czech visual culture with readers and contributors from all over the world.

Visiting Artists: The Rodina

Thursday 13 April 2017 | 6pm | Biskupský dvůr 6

On Thursday 13 April we welcome design studio The Rodina as the latest in our series of Visiting Artists.

Visiting Artist: Matěj Smetana

Thursday 30 March 2017 | 6pm | Biskupský dvůr 6

We are very pleased to welcome Matěj Smetana as the latest in our series of Visiting Artists.
Smetana creates in a variety of media, including objects, installations and animations. His work ...

Visiting Artist: Jan Rosický

Thursday 16 March 2017 | 6pm | Biskupský dvůr 6

Jan Rosický is a young Czech entrepreneur and designer. He studied Interactive Media and Graphic Design at Prague College, while also working as head of design at a startup focused on life-long ...

Visiting Artist: Prokop Bartoníček

Thursday 9 March 2017 | 6pm | Biskupský dvůr 6

Prague College's School of Art & Design is pleased to welcome the artist Prokop Bartoníček as the latest speaker in the VALS series of visiting artists.

Visiting Artist: Jan Čapek

Thursday 16 February at 6pm / Bishop's Court

Jan Čapek is a young Czech product designer who is currently head of the Product design department of UJEP in Usti nad Labem

Visiting Artist: Anetta Mona Chisa

Thursday 8 December 2016 | 6pm | Biskupský dvůr 6


'Things In Our Hands'

Working in collaboration since 2000, Anetta Mona Chisa and Lucia Tkacova employ a variety of media including video, drawing and sculpture, performance, language and game ...

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