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Why live and study in Prague?

When new students ask us why they should come to study at Prague's British University, we know what matters to them

"Prague feels like home..."

I left my home country 15 years ago for the first time. I went to Spain to get a higher degree education, which at the end wasn’t very successful. Once I realized I had to quit my studies, I went back to Sofia, my home town. Based on some of the ...

"A very international and open-minded community..."

"I really like how Prague is a very international and open-minded community.  Living in the city has been fun because I like the feeling of "easy-goingness." I was excited to leave my home country of the United Arab Emirates because I had felt ...

"You are at the right place..."

I was born in Turkmenistan, but I also spent a lot of my life in Bulgaria and the United States. So if you ask me where home is, I don’t really have an answer. Right now Prague feels like home. I love it here. I feel very content. I set myself a ...

Prague College students to enjoy full Czech student status from 2016

From the beginning of the 2016/17 academic year, foreign-accredited universities operating in the Czech Republic will be formally recognized by the Czech Ministry of Education.The changes have come about thanks to a 2016 amendment to the existing ...

Workshop on Intercultural Work for international students

The Association for Integration and Migration and the Association for Intercultural Work invite you to a workshop for international students in the Czech Republic.

Skill Exchange Week

In this brand new initiative from our Student Council, members of the college and friends are invited to a series of Open lectures and workshops

To find our more about all the events, please visit the Facebook Event Page

Join us for a New York-style welcome to the New Semester!

We invite all new students and staff to a fabulous evening of food, drink and fun at our opening-of-semester party: 5pm on Friday 19 February in the Blanicka wing of Prague College

Welcome to our new students!

This week, we are delighted to welcome one of our largest ever February intakes to Prague College

Happy Christmas 2015

It's been a whirlwind of a year, and there's more to come - follow us over the festive season on social media, too!

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