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Annual Theme Progress Report


Every year the Living Futures initiative at Prague College designs an annual theme which brings to light the challenges humanity faces and explores them via the interconnection of business and finance, design, media, art and ...

Annual Theme for year 2019/2020 #FacingChangeBy Prague College Deputy Director Jeff Buehler

I am writing to wish you all a wonderful start to the new semester and to introduce the new theme we will reflecting on this semester, #FacingChange.

Top 10 Reasons Why There is “No Time To Waste”

Final reflection on the annual theme of the Living Futures initiative

Cleaning Botič!

21 September 2019, 11am-12:30pm | K Botiči 1439/5, Praha 10

Become a volunteer and help clean around the Botič brook. Join us this 21st of September for the World Cleanup Day from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm in front of Student House Botic.

#NoTimeToWaste: High Time

Tuesday 4 June 2019 | 2pm | Minimum Waste, Zlatnická 12, 110 00

As we are approaching the end of 2018/19 academic year, we are also getting ready for High Time - a final event to bring to conclusion our college-wide annual focus, research and ...

Making a Mark

A #NoTimeToWaste project for a sustainable future 

Ondrej Fucik, student on the MA Future Design programme, has gained the attention of the #NoTimeToWaste committee and may be selected to present at the final conference, High Time, on June 4.

Career Fair 2019: Environmental Careers Discussion Panel

Recap by Ry Hallada

At a time when our impact on the world around us is becoming more and more alarming, we must find ways to continue efforts to control and possibly reverse the damage we as humans have done to the environment. Students, ...

Sustainability in Fashion

A #NoTimeToWaste project for a sustainable future 

In Patricia Potancokova's thesis she tackles the ugly truth about fast-fashion and explores her own relationship with sustainable fashion.

Repairing Unwanted Laptops for Children in Need

A #NoTimeToWaste project for a sustainable future 

In an interview with Kristi Shumka we learn about his group's charitable sustainability project providing working laptops to children in need

Multifunctional Period Panties made from Up-cycled Coconuts

A #NoTimeToWaste project for a sustainable future 

For Juliana Schneider's BA Graphic Design semester project she developed multifunctional period panties made from up-cycled coconuts for menstruating humans all over the world. The brand is ...

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