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News & Events

Master Speaker Series: Željko Ivanković, The Cryptocurrency Challenge!

Tuesday 15 December 2020 | 19:00 CET | Zoom Lecture & Facebook Livestream

The School of Business is hosting a Master Speaker Series Lecture featuring Željko Ivankovića political philosopher-economist and former editor in chief of Banka, a ...

Master Speaker Series: Matteo Mariani 'Is Smart Working Really Smart?'

The School of Business has announced their first Master Speaker Lecture featuring Matteo Mariani, Executive Director of the Italian-Czech Chamber of Commerce, who over the course of the year has conducted extensive research on smart working and ...

Media Innovation & Technology Speaker Series

We are very excited to announce that the School of Media & IT have created their own lecture series: Media Innovation & Technology Series (MITS) and on November 11, will feature Multimedia Artist Mika Johnson, as their very first guest lecturer.

Guest Lecture: Daniele Grasselli, Implementation Specialist from ExxonMobil

Tuesday 10 December 2019 | 3pm to 5pm | Prague College - Polska, Room 209

On Tuesday 10 December, Daniele Graselli, Implementation Specialist from Exxon Mobil will be speaking about Project Management in Practice to Prague College Business ...

Master Speaker Series: Petr Skála - How to Manage getting into Foreign Markets

Master Speaker Series: 7:00pm | Tuesday 7 May 2019 | Blanicka 001 / 002

Our next master speaker will be Petr Skála who will share three case studies that cover the essentials when trying to break through into foreign markets

Master Speaker Series: Ahmet Vargelen - Going from zero to hero: Three months to market

Master Speaker Series: 6:00pm | Thursday 2 May 2019 | Blanicka 001 / 002

Our next master speaker will be Ahmet Vargelen sharing his experience with his talk "Going from zero to hero: Three months to market"

Master Speaker Series: Business and Sustainability? Introducing the Circular Economy

Master Speaker Series: 6:00pm | Tuesday 11 December | Polska 209

On 11 December, Prague College students and the public will have the chance to listen to Vojtěch Vosecký on the subject of circular economy.

Master Speaker Series: Sustainable Clothing - Unsustainable Fashion Industry

Master Speaker Series: 6:00pm | Wednesday 28 November | Blanicka 001

On 28 November, Prague College students and the public will have the chance to listen to Markéta Soukupová on the subject sustainability in the fashion industry.

Master Speaker Series: Dr. Jaroslav Šonka

Master Speaker Series: 3:30pm | Monday 19 November | Blanicka 001

On 19 November, Prague College students and the public will have the chance to listen to Dr. Jaroslav Šonka on the subject 'Past Without Reflection: the 'Magic' Eights in ...

'Humour that Works' - the missing skill for achieving success at work

Master Speaker Series: 6pm | Tuesday 16 October | Blanicka 001 and 002

The world has become obsessed with efficiency. Everyone is looking to do more with less, students and employees are scrambling just to keep up, and every human on the ...

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