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Master Speaker Series: Dr. Jaroslav Šonka

Master Speaker Series: 3:30pm | Monday 19 November | Blanicka 001

On 19 November, Prague College students and the public will have the chance to listen to Dr. Jaroslav Šonka on the subject 'Past Without Reflection: the 'Magic' Eights in ...

'Humour that Works' - the missing skill for achieving success at work

Master Speaker Series: 6pm | Tuesday 16 October | Blanicka 001 and 002

The world has become obsessed with efficiency. Everyone is looking to do more with less, students and employees are scrambling just to keep up, and every human on the ...

Fintech vs Banks - Friends or enemies?

Wednesday 28 February 2018 | 7pm | Prague College Blanicka, Room 001/002

Our next Master Speaker is Mr Karel Krejci, CEO of Krejci Working Capital Solutions, who will introduce the world of Fintech (IT solutions for the Finance sector), ...

Master Speaker: Iva Pekárková

Thursday 5 October 2017 | 7pm | Prague College Blanicka, Room 001/002

As a part of her Autumn 2017 tour, the writer Iva Pekárková will present samples of her previous and current work inspired by her travel and life experiences

Master Speaker Series: Kateřina Pavlitová

Wednesday 26 April 2017 | 6pm | Prague College

On 26 April, Prague College students and the public will have the chance to listen to Kateřina Pavlitová from Prague City Tourism on the subject 'Trends in Tourism: comparing strategy in the local ...

Master Speaker: Jarmila Štuková

Wednesday 1 March at 6pm / Polska 10

We are particularly pleased to welcome award-winning Czech photographer and documentary film-maker Jarmila Štuková to speak about her experiences in the territory of ISIS, entitled 'Not Far from the Black Flag'

Master Speaker: Petr Mikovec, INVEN Capital

Wednesday 16 November 2016 | 6pm

Investing in a Green Future

Petr Mikovec is managing director of INVEN Capital, an independent venture capital fund established by ČEZ, the major European energy utility, to invest in the European new energy ...

Master Speaker: Teodor Marjanovic

Thursday 3 November 2016, 6pm

We are pleased to welcome journalist Teodor Marjanovic to Prague College to give a talk on 'The Impact of a Trump or Clinton Presidency on the Middle East.'

Master Speaker: Rob Cameron (BBC)

Wednesday 19 October 2016, 6pm

Rob Cameron is the BBC's correspondent in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, covering politics, social issues, business, arts and other subjects for BBC Radio, BBC TV and BBC News Online.

Master Speaker Series: 21st Century Life Skills

6 October 2016 | 6 pm | Room 001/002

Amy Burke and Kevin Hawkins (MindWell Education)

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