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'Coming Together' in Different Times

We've been delighted to welcome our new and returning students from Prague, and all around the world, into their programmes. With orientation and classes underway, students are taking part in classes through the Digital Campus after a government ...

A Year in Review (2019/2020)

When Prague College chose #FacingChange as our theme for the 2019/2020 academic year we did not expect it to be so literal, and such a life-changing experience for the whole planet.

Antonio Cossa: Resilience, in the time of adversity

As a photojournalist working internationally in the middle of turbulent world events, Antonio has had many personal encounters with people who have thrived, despite experiencing immensely stressful and often dangerous situations. Here Antonio ...

PC Legwork LIVE Stream Watched by Thousands!

To celebrate Spring Break and Easter, we ambitiously held our first live stream Global DJ party last Friday, direct from our Vinohrady campus, which we broadcast over Facebook and Instagram to the world!

Masa's Zoom Room: a space for students

As part of Prague College's Digital Campus, we have introducing Masa's Zoom Room, a student-only space offering creative activities that have been devised to relax and explore the inner-self through the mediums of art, music and film. 

PC Legwork LIVE DJ Party

On Friday 10 April at 20.00 CET, wherever you are in the world, come and join our Global DJ party in Prague! Our Digital Campus will be broadcasting LIVE three of Prague's most talented DJs mixing unique sets combining afro fusion, uk rap, hip ...

Prague College Digital Campus: Two weeks in review

On March 11, Prague College became the first local university to launch online classes via our Digital Campus when schools and universities were closed around the country. Thanks to our outstanding lecturers, staff and students, classes ran with ...

Annual Theme Progress Report


Every year the Living Futures initiative at Prague College designs an annual theme which brings to light the challenges humanity faces and explores them via the interconnection of business and finance, design, media, art and ...

Art for Australia Exhibition

Friday, 28 February | 5pm-9pm | Prague College Biskupsky dvur 6, Prague 1

Prague College students have organised an art exhibition with original art produced by students, working artists, lecturers and even budding 8 year olds from a local art ...

'Happily Ever After' Illustration Challenge

Graphic Design students have completed a series of Illustration workshops aimed at producing powerful graphics that introduce and explain current world issues and news events to young children who are yet to learn to read.

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