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Students hear the alternative voice of Radio 1

On 7 November, students of the BA (Hons) Communications and Media Studies programme visited RADIO 1, one of the first alternative radios founded after Velvet Revolution. Students talked to the radio editors, Zdeněk Lichnovský and Pierre Urban ...

BA students visit Echo magazine

On 28 September, students from the BA (Hons) Communications & Media Studies programme paid a visit to the newsroom of the Czech political weekly 'Echo'. The magazine was founded by Dalibor Balsinek, a former board member of the MAFRA media group. ...

Master Speaker: Teodor Marjanovic

Thursday 3 November 2016, 6pm

We are pleased to welcome journalist Teodor Marjanovic to Prague College to give a talk on 'The Impact of a Trump or Clinton Presidency on the Middle East.'

Master Speaker: Rob Cameron (BBC)

Wednesday 19 October 2016, 6pm

Rob Cameron is the BBC's correspondent in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, covering politics, social issues, business, arts and other subjects for BBC Radio, BBC TV and BBC News Online.

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