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News & Events

Prague College presents

Two Special Guest Lectures by Bruce Sterling!

Underground City XXI - Phase 1 Workshop

The main topics of the workshop are the evaluation of existing technologies related to cyber worlds, collaborative experimentations and 2D/3D multimedia creation in mixed 3D multiuser environments shared on internet.

The week is designed as a ...

2nd Prague UCXXI Workshop

After the 1st Prague Workshop in December 2009, Prague College and Libat would like to announce the start of the 2nd Prague Workshop. The workshop is related to Phase 3 of the “Underground city XXI” project, supported by the European Commission.

UCXXI | 3rd Prague Workshop

Prague College and Libat have prepared the third in a series of workshops titled “Creation and Implementation of 3D models and multimedia content in Underground City 3D Multiuser environments.”

This  workshop is connected to the Phase 3 and 4 of ...

Laboratory with Libat and Prague College

This UCXXI workshop will consist of a special learning and experimental lab, including “3D game engine creation and customization”.

Different programming languages like C++ will be presented, as well as how to compile your own tools to display ...

UCXXI at Invaze Festival

3 days only! Come see us at Trafacka Gallery.

Prague College and Libat present Underground City 3D

Students at the college used the potential of contemporary multi-user game technologies, connecting various disciplines such as art, design, programming, philosophy and interconnected real and virtual environments.

The Secret of Ciphers

Prague College hosts an International Conference on Cryptography and Intelligence

Calligraphy for Beginners

Workshop by Gavin Bird is a practical learners workshop designed for beginners and those who are interested to find out more about this art field.

Motion Graphics Workshop

The workshop by Ryan Cole for Differing Accents conference will cover the history of motion design, some animation basics and later on I'll introduce you to Aftereffects, the industry standard for 2D animation and motion graphics.

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