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Prague College showed me what I could do with Design

Laura Kuklová, a graduate of Master’s in Future Design was recently interviewed by Czech Design to discuss her design education and subsequent career outcomes, and compared her experience studying in a Czech design school with the Master's ...

Prague Fringe Festival Online

Today the Prague Fringe Festival goes LIVE online for their first ever series of virtual  FREE fringe theatre, comedy and musical performances, video streams, webinars, quizzes and workshops. The festival will run every day until Saturday 30th ...

Prague College Digital Career Fair 20/20

This year’s Digital Career Fair, “A Clear Vision for the Future”, acutely focuses our attention on how we see the needs of today - in life, in business, and in the world around us. Our Industry Network partners have joined with Prague College to ...

Alumni Profile: Rajmond Berisha

Prague College graduate Rajmond Berisha works in Prague as a Lead Engineer for EmbedIT, a software company that creates and develops financial verification, management and payment tracking systems for business. 

Kaciaryna Pikirenia: Turning a classic English Novel into a Belarusian Work of Art

Since graduating from Graphic Design in 2018, Kaciaryna has successfully managed to follow her passion for book design and translated literary works by working as a freelance book designer. She also currently teaches workshops to BA Fine Arts and ...

Prague College Graduate and Alumni Event 2019

Saturday 16 November 2019 | 8:00pm - 11:00pm | Galerie kavárny Louvre, Národní 22, 110 00

The Graduate and Alumni Event 2019 is a great opportunity to network and communicate with the Prague College graduate community. Talk about life after ...

Prague College Alumnus Opens Fourth Restaurant in Prague

Prague College alumnus Patricio Ibargüengoitia has expanded his chain of authentic Mexican restaurants in Prague with the opening of a fourth Las Adelitas.

Prague College alumnus puts Las Adelitas at the centre of Mexican fiesta

Ten years ago, a young Mexican began studying for his Bachelor's in International Management at Prague College.

Originally from Pachuca, near Mexico City, Patricio Ibargüengoitia knew something about agriculture, but his father advised him to ...

Inventive alumnus featured on Czech Television

Helmets for infants which may help to protect young skulls from deformation are the latest in a line of products from Invent Medical, a 3D-printing company set up by Prague College alumnus Jan Rosicky with his father Jiri, in the city of Ostrava.

Our graduates are busy... creating dance festivals

Jamba Mulimbwe from Angola was one of the first graduates on Prague College’s Fine Art programme. Now he is a successful entrepreneur, creating and managing dance events.

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