Published: 09 Apr 2008

Spotlight: Jamba Mulimbwe

Dear friends,

Are you in your last year at high school and you do not know where to study? Or are you a university student, but your studies didn’t meet your expectations?

If you are interested in art (movies, animation, and production), advertisement and marketing, don’t hesitate to visit our college.

You can find a very friendly atmosphere, young teachers with great practical experience and an individual-oriented attitude to each of you.

I am a Prague College student who was in a very difficult situation. I could not decide about my future studies, but am feeling very happy now, because I have found the subject area I desired.

I can fulfill myself, my small and big dreams. I am shooting short movies, I am creating animated movies for children and I can practice my skills in production.

With my colleague and co-student at the college, Tihana, I am working on a 3D animation project, mainly for children, which is called JUST WINK. The film premiere takes place on the International Children's day 1 June in Restaurant Park, Prague 10.

Thanks to other subjects we have completed at the college, I have created several websites. 

Ruben Peguera, one of the best salsa teachers in Prague at Ruben Dance School, was interested in my work, I have also designed the site for - Virfinia Delgado, a Spanish Flamenco dancer, and the music groups Pragason and Carisma.


Jamba Mulimbwe (HND Interactive Media)