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Slow Fashion Calendar 2019

by Michal Kroca, on 08 January 2019 12:55:20 CET

A #NoTimeToWaste project for a sustainable future 

A short interview with Yunjae Woo, the creator of the vintage-inspired Slow Fashion calendar. It was made as part of her design class led by Design Lecturer Ondrej Fucik. The calendar is downloadable here thanks to the author.

calendar-nttw-p1Where did your inspiration to create such a calendar come from?

While I was searching for a way to communicate with people for my project about Slow Fashion, I thought that a calendar would be a good format for that.

It was at the end of the year and a calendar is practical and something people look at often.

I got inspired by vintage sewing machine advertisement posters and I used retro-style illustration because I think the way we used to buy and treat clothes is what we need to return to now.

How did you become interested in Slow Fashion?

As I remember, the moment that made me interested in Slow Fashion is when I heard about the story of the Rana Plaza incident [the 2013 building collapse in Bangladesh]. It was very shocking and I stopped buying clothes from fast fashion brands after that.

What would you like to influence with your calendar?

I hope the slogans in my calendar can inspire people to have an interest in sustainability.

Are you working on other projects or do you have other activities in mind concerning Slow Fashion or the #NoTimeToWaste initiative?

I am working on a guide map right now. This map would contain brief information about Slow Fashion and a map of secondhand stores in Prague.



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