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Event curated by lecturer celebrates female artists

by Alex Went, on 23 May 2017 16:09:59 CEST

Jessica Serran, a lecturer in Prague College's School of Art & Design, is the curator of a new exhibition of work by women artists, taking place in Prague for one night only on 25 May. 'She Spoke' is a carefully crafted art event that presents the art of six up-and-coming female artists in an imate and immersive environment.Serran-She-Spoke.png

"In this special visual art exhibition, the power of six women’s voices is elevated, honoured and activated," says Jessica.  "These six artists are part of The Becoming Artist Movement - bound together through their commitment to honour the feminine, tell the truth and awaken others to parts of our humanity that have fallen asleep. The exhibition is not just an exhibition, but a carefully crafted multimedia and multi-sensory 'event' - a public ritualized ceremony that is designed to open up space for universal emotion, personal vulnerability and genuine dialogue."

The Becoming Artist Movement combines contemporary art, spirituality, personal development and practical, money-making strategies to help artists around the globe make a powerful impact in the world. Through private coaching programs and online courses, artists are trained to become leaders of an International Creative Movement through the power of community.

Jessica is clear about the power of such work: "We believe that art is an Act of Becoming. Art has the power to transform ourselves, our communities and the way we engage with the world around us."



The exhibition takes place on Thursday 25 May at 6pm at Expost Gallery, Příčná 1

6pm: Welcome Drinks & Meet the Artists

7pm: Panel Discussion with the Artists

8pm: Special Live Performance, Catered Food, Intimate Art Experiences

More information at www.becomingartists.org

About the artists:

MAZ HAWES (UK) is a self-taught artist living on the English/Welsh border. With a background in Garden Design and Portrait Photography, she now finds solace in bringing metaphors of geography, a love of literature, and her fascination with the human condition to the canvas.

ISABELLE RIZO (USA, ROU) is a self-taught artist, a self-proclaimed Singularity Storyteller and a former digital nomad. A political refugee by birth, she was born in Germany after her family fled post-communist Romania. Now based in the USA her multimedia work combines a love of technology with a call for conscious living.

SHEILA METCALF TOBIN (USA) uses observation-based drawing methods to record encounters between people, animals and the plant world, making visible these intimate and interdependent relationships. She received her MFA from the School of the Arts Institute of Chicago and a BFA from the The Maryland Institute College of Art.

YASMIN LAMBIE-SIMPSON (USA) is a California based artist who explores and charts existential territory through the use of traditional 2D and 3D media and objects from nature. She holds an MA in Transformative Art from JFK University in Berkeley, CA, a BFA from the San Francisco Arts Institute and works as an artist, arts educator and community organizer.

CHANTELLE GOLDTHWAITE (USA) is a self-taught, mixed media artist who lives and works in Northern California. Through an exploration of the natural world and its recurring patterns, form and archetypal female characters, her sculptures, paintings and assemblage deal with sense memories of time and place and contemporary beliefs about femininity, domesticity and motherhood.

DEBORAH TAYLOR (AUS) is a contemporary abstract artist living in Melbourne. With BA degrees in fine art and education she uses printmaking, collage and painting to bring awareness to consumerism,  sustainability and the natural world around us. When not in her studio she teaches other artists how to bring chance, intention and intuition into their work.

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