Published: 31 Mar 2014

Robotic Body workshop

Performance artist Darina Alster introduces our students to the Robotic Body

From the Golem to Capek's R.U.R, the Czechs have a long relationship with automata; and on 7 April 2014 students from Prague College will have the chance to attend a workshop by Darina Alster entitled 'Robotic Body'. The event takes place at the Fotograf gallery at Skolska 28.

A multimedia performance artist who bases her works on the themes of identity and gender, Darina will introduce concepts such as the transformation of the body and alternative forms of communication such as sound, music, and vibration. After this, using a number of tools including bread, wire, cardboard and face paint, workshop participants will enter into interaction with others in the studio, to test the possibilities of their newly reshaped bodies. During this workshop designed to explore the 'otherness' of performance, normal movements and language will be forbidden.

Come back soon to see photos from the workshop!