Published: 25 Nov 2016

Prague College team make waves at Dresden art festival


Prague College Fine Art graduate Laura Luna and lecturer Pascal Silondi recently presented an exceptional performance at this year's Cynetart Festival in Dresden, an important artistic event dedicated to cultural reflection. The festival, which has been held annually since 1997, is centred around computer-based art and transdiciplinary studies, and explores ways of bridging the gap between intuition, crafts, aesthetics and narrative.

Laura Luna's performance used drone sounds and distortions generated by self-made mechanical artefacts, using motors, generative programming and endoscopic cameras. These served to construct minimalistic sonic compositions and real time feedback/generative 3D visuals in which organic polyrhythms, lo-fi sonics, synthesisers and loops generated a dense atmospheric audiovisual experience. She deals in atmosphere creation, eschewing staid actualities for magic realism and darkly imagined cosmic travels.

Pascal Silondi, who is Principal Lecturer in Experimental Media at Prague College's school of Art & Design, describes the visual dimension of the performance:  "It's an intimate and sensitive relationship between two universes in expansion. The structures and behaviours of a virtual 3D environment listen closely to Laura's frequencies, and aim to reflect through their reactions the complexity of her textures, layers as well as the deepness of her inner pulsations.

"It's an uncanny dialogue between waves and structures," says Silondi. "It's an emotional voyage between two cosmic beings who float in time-space distorsions and dissonances. 
A true Vertigo."