Published: 16 Jun 2017

Prague College students exhibit their art work at Prague's international 'Atelier ArtFest'

In the first week of June, Prague College students had the opportunity to showcase and sell their artwork at the inaugural International Fair of Fine Arts at Prague's famous Vystaviste exhibition space.

"All kinds of artists were present," says Sandra Abdulhakova of Prague College's student council. "There were other schools present at the festival but none of them displayed such a variety of work. Prague College students not only exhibited paintings of all kinds, but also drawings and hand-made jewelry. 

All artwork was for sale and we sold one painting of a peony, called Peony Study by our Fine Arts and Experimental Media student, Lamija Cehajic. On top of the many compliments the students' works received, we had a lot of people inquire about the college itself. 


It was impressive for everyone to see the diversity of our students' work, ranging from traditional drawings to more experimental styles. Nassim Bouhoun's traditional charcoal portraits received many compliments, and Kseniya Dyatlova was also present on the second day of the festival and was making her jewelry at the stand itself.
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The student council members took care of the transportation and set up of the stand and took shifts during the three days to represent the college. Although we were supposed to have Nassim do a live drawing session, the schedule of the festival in the end did not allow it. Nonetheless, we received many thanks from the organizers for participating.

The names of the students who exhibited their work are: Anna Maslenko, Jiri Karnik, Lamija Cehajic, Nassim Bouhoun, Kristina Dotsenko, Kseniya Dyatlova, Alexandra Horobienko and Michael Henriques."