Published: 18 Feb 2013

Prague College and Libat present Underground City 3D

Students at the college used the potential of contemporary multi-user game technologies, connecting various disciplines such as art, design, programming, philosophy and interconnected real and virtual environments.


Underground City 3D Environments

The UC3D environments are the products of deep interdisciplinary collaboration, and are inspired by Stefano Cavagnetto and Bruce Gahir papers about “The conception of the self in multiple cyber worlds” where they discuss many issues about personal identity and propose a model of the Self in Cyberspace based on the information theory, “The Code of Coal” or “Cellular Automata and the Game of Life” that focuses on algorithms and representation and “Morality and Artificial Agents in Cyberspace.”

Participants can enter and navigate in different Underground City 3D online environments that are accessible through a series of computers connected to the Internet.

Lamparna for Underground Landscape

An interactive audiovisual installation where users are immersed simultaneously in multiple 3D cyber underground worlds projected in parallel. This is an inside partitioned space, a sounding board for dissonances, fractures and wandering of beings immured in the contemporary digital exhibition.

On show will also be the Exhibition of Visual Identites developed by Prague College Graphic Design students, Project Presentation cutting through  all of the Underground City events, artwork and research made during the last two years, and Presentation of Prague College Research Bulletin and academic and research texts.