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Pokoje 2019 - Prague College Art on display

by Larissa Petryca, on 20 November 2019 10:04:01 CET

Alongside their contemporaries from universities and art studios across the Czech Republic, Prague College MA Fine Art students had the opportunity to participate in a ten-day-long exhibition of work by young artists.

This was the eighth annual show under the title Pokoje (Rooms) - named as such because each school is allocated an empty space to fill with whatever they wish, using the widest possible range of artistic and interactive materials.

Representing Prague College MA Fine Arts were Alexandre Andrada, Shraddha Bansode, Kjersti Austdal and Monica Mills, who constructed an ethereal environment through creative use of plastics and the interplay of light, to highlight the damage caused to flora and fauna by the overuse and inadequate disposal of this pervasive material. 


Artist's statement:

In this anthropocene era, where can we possibly place plastic?
It cannot be consumed and be expected to disappear. 
It sits. It stagnates. It suppurates. It is.
Could you swallow it and allow it to become a creation of its own making within you?
A being entering existence for the first time from its unconscious dormancy. 
An entity representing the hundreds of bags pulled from a single bull's stomach.
Cattle in India experience excruciatingly painful deaths as they unintentionally consume plastic bags, often mistaken for fodder.
Is this the legacy we intend on leaving behind?


Held at Desfourský palác in Florenc, student rooms were themed around expressions of Individuality. The event also offered students and the general public the chance to attend lectures, workshops, performances and guided tours as well as the opportunity for the participating artists to exchange ideas and make valuable connections.


Interestingly, the organiser of Pokoje is the Containall group, who operate the Summer cultural hot spots of Stalin in Letna Park and Containall in Stromovka Park.

For more information on Pokoje, please visit the website link here






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