Published: 03 Feb 2017

Our graduate is one of Czech Republic's 30 under 30

Every year, Forbes magazine publishes its list of '30 under 30' - a roundup of the brightest young entrepreneurs, leaders and stars of the future. We are delighted to announce that our recent graduate Jan Rosicky has been included in this year's list.

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Last year Jan Rosicky became the first Czech to win the prestigious international Student Design Award competition, which searches for the best young designers in the world. Former winners of the prize, awarded by the Royal Society of Arts, have included Richard Clarke, vice-president of global design for Nike, and Jonathan Ive, Apple's chief designer.

Rosicky won for his design for a contactless payment device, and the accompanying app that automatically organizes and monitors your spending budget. His concept has already inspired two banks to work on its further development. Rosicky himself is now devoting much of his time to his startup Invent Medical, which he started with his father, Jiří. They use 3D printing to produce medical equipment and they are looking at producing prototypes of limb prostheses.

Read the original article here (Czech language)
jan-rosicky2.jpgForbes asked Jan what was the best advice he had received

"Do not put your fingers into electrical sockets - it's a rule I follow every day. Another useful motto is that life is short, so just do what you love and makes sense to you."

What makes you different from everyone else?

"I try every day to do things they've never done and that are spookily complex. Often I fall flat on my face, and I still have fun, and after some time you forget the pain.

What superhero property would you like to have?

"Not getting fat from eating chocolate!"

You can find out more about Jan's design work here