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'On Presence: Variations' - audiovisual presentations

by admin, on 28 May 2018 13:45:49 CEST

3 June 2018 at 5pm | Bishop's Court | Biskupský dvůr 6

We are pleased to invite you to an Art and Technology evening. The show will display the works of our Fine Art students - the classes of Sound Production, Computer Interface Design, and New Technologies in Interactive Media - mentored by Pascal Silondi and Jakub Grosz.  

Students will present their new creations using interactive real-time audio-visual techniques and sensors. Come and see installations by Anneta Naumova, Lamija Čehajić and Kryštof Janeš; and performances by Anna Maslenko, Anastasiya Kozyarchuk, Valeria Yeromenko, Isabela Juchniewicz and Tasya Nafigina.