Published: 26 Dec 2015

New publications by Prague College artists

Many congratulations to our lecturer Barbara Toman Tylova and our student Ieva Ozola on their recently published books.

The typographer Oldrich Hlavsa, who died in 1995, was one of the most notable Czech designers of the late twentieth century. He left a deep impression on the history of graphic design not only with his own four publications about type and illustration, but also in a legacy of over two thousand books and magazines for whose design he was responsible.

Now his life's work has been appraised in a handsome new volume edited by Prague College lecturer Barbora Toman Tylova. The monograph's lavish 592 pages with text in Czech introduce the reader to the innovative work of an exceptional artist. 'Jde o to, aby o neco slo' ('The point is to make a point') is a beautiful work in its own right, and a must-read for anyone interested in the continuing influence of Hlavsa in the field of graphic design.

One of our current students, Ieva Ozola whose quirky pen and ink portraits of Prague recently met with considerable interest in the Czech media has just published the first collection of her illustrations. Entitled 'Moment', the book represents the first 36 days of an ongoing project to record moments in the artist's travels through Europe. Volume 1 covers Latvia, Norway, Iceland, Sicily, France and Germany.  

Her work can be read like a conventional book, or its postcard-style pages detached for framing or for sending to friends. It's available from Prague's Polagraph Gallery near the Old Town Square, or can be ordered direct from the artist.