Published: 13 Mar 2014

Milovice children's home charity lunches

Prague College students are hosting a holiday fundraiser entitled "Come Hungry, Leave Broke" for the children's home in Milovice.

Our fundraising students will be offering lunch from 12.30 to 2pm from Tuesday 4 December until Thursday, 6 December, and all proceeds will be donated to the orphanage. Please look around the college for more detailed menu posters. Then come and have lunch, and support a great cause this holiday season.

The event is separated into three days with a different theme each day: 

  • Tuesday 4 December is Vietnamese food
  • Wednesday 5 December is Vegan/Vegetarian food
  • Thursday 6 December is pancakes and a bake sale (desserts)

We look forward to seeing you there - Come Hungry, Leave Broke!