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Master Speaker Series: Vladimir Dlouhy

by Alex Went, on 24 February 2014 09:36:02 CET

The first event of the job fair focuses on how universities can prepare students for employment opportunities in the finance industry. Join us for this special Master Speaker event.

The new skills required by the 'world of finance', based on changes in the markets and the increased size and complexity of the financial and banking industry, will be the main topic for discussion.

There are complex changes in the financial industry which demand that more and more job positions require graduates with specialized financial and accounting skills. While in the past, it may have been enough for universities to produce just Masters level specialized finance graduates, now such skills are in ever increasing demand and it is imperative that universities respond with more emphasis in these skills at the Bachelors level and across disciplines as well.

Vladimir Dlouhy, former trade and industry minister of the Czech Republic and long-time Goldman Sachs executive, and Stefano Cavagnetto, head of the School of Business at Prague College, will engage in a discussion to consider these issues from an employer's and academic perspective, giving the participants in our special forum an outstanding look into how both universities and the financial industry are responding the ever-changing and increasing demands arising out of the current financial crisis.

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Master Speaker Vladimir Dlouhy

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