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Master Speaker Series: Petr Skála - How to Manage getting into Foreign Markets

by Matthew Butler, on 02 May 2019 13:48:55 CEST

Master Speaker Series: 7:00pm | Tuesday 7 May 2019 | Blanicka 001 / 002

Our next master speaker will be Petr Skála who will share three case studies that cover the essentials when trying to break through into foreign markets

  • What are the necessary attributes of business development when looking to territorial expansion? 
  • What types of jobs or functions are needed?
  • Which techniques and processes are useful to have when addressing foreign markets?

Petr Skala MSSBusiness developers are expected to develop and execute a strategies for discovering and securing new business opportunities either locally, regionally or globally. They will need to develop negotiation strategies by evaluating opportunities and risks, assess potential third party competition and clients in terms of both income potential and mission fit. They will need to represent their company and foster beneficial relationships with business partners, potential clients, and expend their businesses network of contacts in order to attract new business and enhance organisational reputation and results.

Since there is no universal formula for a successful mission, the guidance will be demonstrated through real case studies gathered from the speaker's professional experience.

This Master Speakers Series session will reveal approaches in businesses such as within a large oil company, addressing the Italian market and taking advantage of economies of scale when expanding abroad.

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