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Maricopa returns to Prague!

by Alex Went, on 27 June 2007 02:00:00 CEST

On-going cooperation with Maricopa Community Colleges, one of the largest providers of higher education in the world, is an important part of Prague College’s commitment to international education. 

Last year, Maricopa and Prague College held a faculty training program, bringing in key faculty members from Arizona colleges to experience firsthand some of historical and cultural highlights of the Czech Republic. Some of the most influential personalities in the country, including Jiri Pehe, Ivan Havel, and Jirina Siklova, lectured on such diverse topics as Communism, Czech society and EU and US relations.

Prague College is proud to announce that it is hosting Maricopa Community Colleges this summer for their study abroad programs to the Czech Republic. Courses include digital photography, the history of film and political ideologies.

Prague College warmly welcomes students and faculty from Maricopa, and looks forward to running the summer programs.

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