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Judith Clute exhibition at Prague College

by admin, on 03 December 2012 15:49:54 CET

Prague College is honoured to host an exhibition, talk, and workshop by Judith Clute, the world-renowned Canadian-British painter and artist.

Judith Clute was born in Edmonton, Canada during World War Two. and started painting seriously in the early 1960s, although, as she puts it "I don’t feel I hit my stride until 1970 in London.”

The Daily Telegraph described her paintings as ones that “seem to grip one with their extraordinary mysteriousness….they combine the animal with the machine with the human in ways that make us want to say, at the same time, ‘why?’ and ‘Yes, of course.’ The fact that the images point in different directions and are often on a totally different scale from one another adds a further level of ambiguity, a worlds-within-worlds quality… ”


Vernissage 26 November from 6pm