Published: 12 Mar 2015

IT & Computing Day a great success

In a departure from our normal Open Day programme, the School of IT & Computing mounted a superb series of workshops and lectures for a wide audience

Students and visitors to the college on 12 March were treated to a feast of IT and computing expertise, thanks to the efforts of our Bachelor and Master's students, as well as members of Faculty.

The day-long programme of events began with the screening of a BBC documentary The Story of Information, which set the tone for a number of the classes and workshops which followed. These included a hands-on session on building a computer using Rasperry Pi technology, a session on solving real-world problems with graphs, a lecture on the obscure and as-yet undecoded Voynich manuscript, and a workshop entitled 'Girls on Code', written and delivered by two of our BSC Computing students.

Two workshops were held on the document typesetting platform LaTeX, and the day ended with a presentation of Active Directory. To look at photographs from many of the workshops, please see the gallery below: