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'How people perceive the world fascinates me': an interview with Hubert Gaca

by Alex Went, on 23 January 2017 13:33:46 CET


Hubert Gaca is in the fnal year of his Graphic Design programme, and is also the current chairman of the Student Council. We spoke to him about his interests and latest project.

Hubert, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

I lived in Poland until I was 16 years old, then I had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to move to Beijing and finish my high school in China. Somehow through skateboarding, I got a job in a stock photography company, which (bizarre as it sounds) helped me realize that graphic design was my future. So here I am, going through my last semester before completing my BA Graphic Design degree from Prague College.

As well as design, I believe you're interested in philosophy and astronomy as well as skateboarding. What's your greatest passion out of all of these, and why?
I would say mixture of all of those. I'm interested in social interactions and behaviours - knowing how people perceive the world fascinates me. Skateboarding is my ultimate passion, not necessarily because of the 'cool factor' but because of its creative perspective, a different approach to architecture, and the do-it-yourself attitude that skate subculture represents.
You recently designed a new look for college merchandise  - can you explain what inspired you?

Well, as student council we decided to do something for students, that could at the same time support a cause. So we planned on making Prague College hoodies and donating part of the income to kids from the Milovice orphanage, which the College has supported for many years. During one of our student council meetings I just dropped in the idea of making something simple, that would speak to all three schools of Prague College. Everyone loved that concept and we went straight to production. That was the beginning of badges, stickers, backpack sack and others.
Preview of the hoodies.jpgWhat made you want to come to study at Prague College?
After living 10,000km away from my family and friends for about five years I wanted to be a little bit closer. Besides Prague I considered Barcelona and London, although after research about the city itself - plus the amazing opportunity of getting a British degree approximately 400km away from my home town - I decided that Prague was the perfect place to live and study. 
Earlier this year you were elected Head of the Student Council. Can you briefly explain how the council works and what it does?
First of all, the student council is awesome fun. We get to organize events, cooperate with different departments within school and production houses, printers and other businesses outside of school. We are a group of people who are willing to improve and build upon what students already have in Prague College. Mostly though, it is one step closer to experiencing 'real' life outside of school; it's not only about making hoodies and demanding microwaves!
screenprint.jpegI'm really glad that I chose Prague College. I never thought that university could be so entertaining. I love the family-like connection to tutors, students and staff members. It's been three years already, and it feels like only a few days. Even if I don't stay in Prague after this year, I will definitely come back to remind myself of all those memories - great and not-so-great - that shaped me into who I am right now.
Hubert, thanks for talking to us and good luck with the next step in your creative journey
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