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Interactivity in Art. Relation by Gesture.

by tihana, on 27 June 2013 18:27:04 CEST

Aurelie Besson delivers a guest lecture on interactivity in art, in which she introduces different theories on the role and place of the audience in interactive installations.

Aurelie Besson is a PhD candidate at the Études et pratiques des arts at Université du Montreal. In her research she works on the modification of perception by gesture in interactive artistic installations. In this talk for Prague College, Aurelie will talk about installations in which the participant makes a gesture in order to create the interaction.

This lecture is supported by Hexagram | CIAM and organized in partnership with M77 and LIBAT.

Anouncement about the event and its location and time if it is different then usuall. 

Topics:School of Art & DesignResearch & Creative Practice