Published: 22 Feb 2013

Interactive Media Final Show

This group of Interactive Media students has a very diverse and distinct range of work including interactive applications, 3D design, animation, web design, and illustration.

The four students that will be taking part in this final exhibition are: Jamie Fisher, Miloš Kubačka, Vahe Muradyan, and Artur Muradyan:

Jamie Fisher

Im an Illustrator from Montreal, Canada. I studied Illustration & Design for 3 years in Montreal and shortly after Graduation I began working as a Graphic Designer in the Fashion Industry. In search of fresh inspiration and adventure I moved to Prague to study Interactive Media. 

Miloš Kubačka

I am a 28 year old student. I was born on September 28th 1982 in Žatec, small town in the western part of the Czech Republic. I have always been interested in design and computer technology. After I finished high school I moved to Prague, where I started to work as an executive for Salebra design clothing. One year later, I had a great opportunity to work as a graphic artist for Ocko television station. It was a position that I valued for the learning experience it offered in terms of being more independent and having my own graphic style. 

Vahe Muradyan

From my childhood I have always loved playing computer games, maybe that is why I chose to be a 3d artist. Four years ago I began studying Photoshop and 3D Studio max programs. This study lead to internships in a TV studio (HayTV), and a cartoon studio (TouchFX) in Yerevan. In these studios I did many different things; modeling ,texturing, and montage of videos. 

Artur Muradyan

I started learning 3d Studio max in 2006, and spent 2 years developing my portfolio and collecting new skills and techniques in that sphere. My main inspirations are modern 3D games and 3D animated movies. In 2007 I started an internship with cartoon studio TouchFX in Yerevan, Armenia. During my 6 months there, I developed different scenes and models for animated movies. It was very useful to be in a creative environment where I was learning new professional skills from real specialists.

The opening will take place on March 18th from 6pm.