Published: 05 Aug 2014

Prague College lecturer goes mystery-hunting

Dr Stefano Cavagnetto explains basis of cryptography for popular science show

One of the most popular television shows for children in the Czech Republic is 'Lovci záhad' ('Mystery Hunters'), presented by Marek Mikulášek and Dr Michael Londesborough, a Czech chemist originally from the UK. The show normally involves scientific experiments that can be undertaken at home, but a recent programme chose instead to look at the subject of cryptography, with special reference to the coded 1835 diary of the Czech national poet, Karel Hynek Macha.

As a specialist in ciphers, Prague College's Dr Stefano Cavagnetto was asked to appear on the programme to explain the basis of cryptography, in his role as senior principal lecturer of the School of IT & Computing. You can watch the whole programme (in Czech only) at the link below. Dr Cavagnetto appears 13 minutes into the clip.