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Design and Art exhibitions take over college campus

by Alex Went, on 09 June 2014 13:56:24 CEST

Students from the School of Art & Design celebrated the end of the semester with a fantastic display throughout the college

On the evening of 2 June, hundreds of visitors, family, friends and fellow students flocked to Prague College in Vinohrady to enjoy a tour of the campus with a difference. For the first time, all classrooms had been emptied of furniture and equipment, to make space for the artwork of dozens of students from the School of Art & Design.

The top floor was devoted to 'Clusterphobia', an exhibit which included film, interactive media, and audiovisual installations; while the ground floor was handed over to the graphic design students to display a wide variety of work that was widely praised for its professional quality.  To get an idea of the atmosphere at the vernissage, scroll through the gallery below:

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