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Made in Italy: an interview with Dr Domenico Pace

by Alex Went, on 07 April 2014 15:23:10 CEST

Prague College has a number of Italian faculty and students. This semester we are joined by another, researcher Domenico Pace.

Domenico Pace is typically proud of his roots. In his case they lie in the central Italian region of Abruzzo, not far from the capital L'Aquila, the area devastated by a terrible earthquake in 2009. He studied Business and Economics at the University of Studies in L'Aquila, graduating summa cum laude, and receiving considerable praise from the Educational Council.  Currently Assistant Professor of Economic Policy at the same university, under professor Marcella Mulino,  he teaches and researches in Economics with a focus on Microeconomic and Macroeconomic Theory.

"I came to Prague College having won a Leonardo da Vinci scholarship from the European Union," explains Domenico. "Usually these are focused on Tourism, but in my case they made an exception! I contacted all the universities in Prague - both public and private - and although some of them offered me teaching positions, Prague College was also able to offer a specific research opportunity under the auspices of CRIS (the Centre for Research and Interdisciplinary Studies)."

"My work at Prague College includes a research project suggested by the Head of the School of Business,  Dr Stefano Cavagnetto, in collaboration with the department at L'Aquila. Specifically I am looking at the economic fundamentals that form the basis of the work of the 'Father of Finance' Louis Bachelier in his Théorie de la Spéculation."

"I am really enjoying my stay at Prague College," he adds, "It's not only the academic ambience; it's also the chance to share the experience with English and American lecturers - very helpful for improving my English! And I really hope that this short visit to Prague College will form the basis of a longer relationship.  I am most grateful to all the staff and magement of Prague College for giving me this exceptional opportunity."

Since the age of 15 Domenico has also been a semi-professional player for several football teams from various Italian regions, the most well-known being the fourth division teams Avezzano, Isola Liri and Cassino. "I have already started training with a team from Prague," he says, "and we are just waiting for the details of the transfer to come through from the Italian Football federation."

And what does he think of Prague in general? "When Italians come to the Czech Republic, they get a really fine welcome: Prague people seem to like Italians  - you know, in the city centre I found one restaurant owned by a Czech whose manager supports Roma. Their pizza is also fantastic."