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by Alex Went, on 02 April 2014 16:33:27 CEST

A Prague College Summer Intensive course

This course introduces students to illustrative practice. Illustration Practice takes an innovative, experimental and critical approach to the broad exercise of illustration, and it is ideally suited to students who want to develop a strong, individual style.

It provides a creative and stimulating atmosphere where personal innovation and originality of ideas are encouraged, pushing students to identify and follow individual pathways. It looks for students to develop intellectual curiosity. The course encourages the cross-over of drawing, painting and digital media, to create original and innovative illustration.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate appropriate understanding of the strategies, techniques and understanding necessary for the production of different kinds of illustration

  • Demonstrate an appropriate level of skill in the use of techniques, technologies and tools required for successful visual communication.

  • Demonstrate appropriate understanding of the needs of a range of different audiences and circumstances.

  • Recognise how to work independently, collaboratively and as a member of a team.


Apply for this Summer Class

Use the form below to book your place or contact admissions on +420 222 101 028
Taught by Franco Huller
When: Monday to Thursday   08:30 – 12:30  in  Room 104
Price: 8000 CZK for three-week intensive course

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