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Prague College introduces new Programme

by Alex Went, on 01 April 2014 11:03:28 CEST

What better date than 1 April to introduce our new initiative - a programme designed exclusively for dogs, starting this September.

There has been a growing demand for pet equality in higher education, and Prague College's move has been greeted with howls of approval. Veronika Dostalova had the idea to introduce a dog diploma after seeing an article in the British newspaper, The Guardian, that pointed to new art masterclasses for canines. “I thought, art is fine, but what dogs really need is to learn business,” and so the HNCD got its first leash of life.  

Under the new scheme, pets can be enrolled for a two-year HNCD (Higher National Canine Diploma) before progressing in the third year to a full BA (Best of Animals) degree accredited by our academic partners at Tease-side University.

“It seemed natural to approach Pearson for accreditation on the HNCD,” adds Veronika, because after all, their slogan is “Always Learning”. She put the plan to the Senior Management Group at Prague College where Director Dog Hajek confirmed that his dog, Mimi, was in fact always learning. Deputy Director Huff Buehler agreed that his dog, Kenny, was also always learning, even if it did seem the process was endless. Stefano, the Head of School under which the HNCD now falls, expressed initial scepticism, offering that although he had two dogs, only Bea was always learning. The other dog, Enigma, was just often learning, and possibly just occasionally learning, but in the end Stefano supported the initiative.

Modules available in the new programme will include an Introduction to Tail-wagging, Collar Theory, and Experimental Growling. And the good news is that the course is fully international. Classes are taught in English, but dogs that are new to the language are invited to a foundation course in Barking for Beginners, so no pet will be left behind.

It should be noted that George, another member of the SMG, has no dog, so he excused himself from the programme. And Veronika Douchova, our Head of Computing and fellow SMG member, decided to throw her vote with Veronika Dostalova, remarking in any case that few people could ever tell the two Veronikas apart because they shared, or seemed to share the same email address. Veronika has many dogs and, like Veronika,  supports our regular initiatives at the college to help abandoned dogs find new homes. Now, with the introduction of the HNCD, we can get them a good education too.