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Congratulations to Dr Stefano Cavagnetto!

by admin, on 03 December 2012 14:45:15 CET

Prague College is happy to announce that Dr Stefano Cavagnetto has won the Lagrange Research Project Fellowship for 2013 on "The Challenge of Complexity"

The project fellowship, named after the famous Italian-French mathematician Joseph Luis Lagrange, aims at the study, management, and organization of complex systems, characterized by emerging collective phenomena which can be ascribed not only to the properties of their constituent parts, but also to their interactions. Stefano's research focuses on the study of models for investors' behaviour in the financial markets and on informational efficiency of financial markets. 

The project examines the main premise of the fact that from single investor behaviour, which can be conceived as three states function for example (buying, selling, holding), it is impossible to predict the global behaviour of the system and its evolution due to the complexity of the simultaneous interactions. The project applies different computational tools employed in the study and modelling of complex systems to the study of capital markets. The particular emphasis of this research is in the applications of cellular automata (CA) as a tool for describing and analysing local and global emerging behaviour in capital markets.

Topics:School of BusinessSchool of Media & ITResearch & Creative Practice