Published: 26 Oct 2012

Martin Zet takes part in the "Fotograf Festival - Off Limits"

On 9 October, Prague College lecturer and renowned Czech artist Martin Zet performed a piece called Coke (Koks) at the Pavilion Gallery.

The piece was a part of the "Fotograf Festival – Off Limits," taking place from the 1st to 31st  October all around Prague in galleries and public places. In his performance, as described on the festival's website, "Martin Zet transforms Mala Strana courtyard into an alchemist’s lab, where in front of viewers‘ eyes the slow process of the creation of a large-format, grainy photo print takes place. The Pavilon Gallery becomes in a certain sense a spatial, black-and-white contact sheet."

The performance was also a part of the Pavilion Gallery series "Situace" (Situations). The series gives individual artists, or a group of artists, a space for a one-afternoon short event that can involve expression anywhere in the line of site-specific installation to performance.