Published: 26 Oct 2012

"Interactive Monument" in Bremen

On 27 September, our Interactive Media Lecturer Michaela Buchtova presented a project entitled 'Interactive Monument' at ICEC - the International Conference on Entertainment Computing, in Bremen.

The interactive installation 'Memorial for Victims and Survivors of Holocaust', initiated by Kristof Slusareff and Michaela Buchtova - both lecturers in the college's Interactive Media department - was awarded the prize for best demonstration at the event.

The project was based on the testimony of Marketa Novakova, a Czech survivor of the Second World War, including her experiences in the concentration camps of Terezin and Auschwitz, with the aim of remembering all victims and survivors of the Holocaust. By using recent technology and an innovative scenographic approach, the installation physically and emotionally engaged the audience with the tragic events of the war.

The ICEC International Conference on Entertainment Computing explores the application of computational technology to entertainment and brings together practitioners and researchers interested in the art and design of entertainment computing applications.

Congratulations to our lecturers on the success with their project.