Published: 14 Nov 2008

IM students at Cafe Nordica

The “Seven audio-visual live mix” evening will propose on Friday 14th of November, from 19.00, in the cafe “Nordica”, 7 audio-visual mixes performed live by the Interactive Media students who are involved in the “Computer Interface Design Principles” class.

The purpose of the action is about to explore how to interact in real time with multimedia content  using VJ’s software and their potential in terms of sound analysis, compatibilities with MIDI or DMX protocols, and to think about how to replace keyboard or mouse to control live interactive digital storytelling.

The audiovisual mixes will propose different sensible environments or atmospheres and will be performed by, Zaira Kulsarieyeva, Dinh Thi Le, Jamba Mulimbwe, Tomas Patlich, Jana Peknikova, Tihana Suput-Valent, and Alexandra Varsova.