Published: 03 Apr 2015

Ia Makhatadze, Graphic Design graduate

Recently we received this letter from a graduate of the School of Art & Design. It's typical of the high regard in which alumni recall their time at Prague College

After receiving my Bachelor's Degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Tbilisi, majoring in Architecture and Interior Design, I decided to take my HND in Graphic Design at Prague College. As time goes on, I have realized that this was the decision that helped become a successful graphic designer.

Prague College is a place where you can plan your future career. It is a place where lots of lecturers are ready to help you achieve your goals. A place where you meet many people, experience different cultures, have new creative ideas, and gain enormous motivation which leads you to success! It's not only about studies, but also about professional relationships and attitude towards the work.

I am thankful to Prague College and all the lecturers who put so much energy into each student. After two years of studies I was ready for new discoveries, adventures and of course I was ready to try my hand at Graphic Design.

After coming back to Georgia, I managed to get a job in the best publishing house - Bakur Sulakauri Publishing ( in a position as graphic designer. I started working with books, creating new fonts, and making illustrations. I am lucky because I found my way, the direction I want to go in, and the field to which I want to dedicate my life.

I believe that Prague College will continue to lead its future students in many interesting and successful directions.