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Guest Lecture - Frank Buonvino

by Alex Went, on 30 May 2008 02:00:00 CEST

Lecturer Frank Buonivo will share his experience of converting a check processing system to an electronic payment system. The State of New Jersey in the USA prepared approximately 100,000 unemployment benefit checks per weeks and mailed thechecks to clients. The purchase of check paper, the printing process, and the postal delivery had become very expensive.

Eight years ago a decision was made to offer electronic funds transfer to clients and to eliminate the processing and printing of paper checks. In this lecture the conversion process will be exlained.

Frank Buonvino was top manager for the New Jersey department of Labour for 40 years. He was the manager of all the automated systems that supported the New Jersey department of Labour. He retired last year.
Topics:School of BusinessSchool of Media & IT