Published: 27 Feb 2013

Guest lecture on experimental and underground music

Musician, performer, and improvisor Matej Kratochvil will visit Prague College.

He will discuss Czech and Slovak experimental and underground music, in historical and contemporary development, and also his role as Editor-in-Chief for HisVoice magazine. HisVoice is a unique, extremely well written and researched publication discussing the international "other" music scene, and its relationship to arts and culture and concentrating on contemporary music, and covering topics from contemporary composition as well as improvised music, electronic, noise
or sound art.

Kratochvíl is a Czech musicologist and music journalist. He works at the Institute of Ethnology of Czech Academy of Sciences, where he does research in ethnomusicology. He has published a 5CD edition of recordings of Czech and Slovak folk music from 1920s and 1930s and several other publications concerning this area. He also lectures at Charles University, Faculty of Humanities, and together with Jaroslav Šťastný and Radek Tejkal, he has translated John Cage’s seminal book, Silence.

Room 002.