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Graphic Design Students develop a live Campaign Website for parent support organisation Aperio

by Larissa Petryca, on 05 December 2019 11:48:45 CET

Second year Graphic Design students have successfully designed and delivered a campaign website for the Czech Government sponsored parent organisation Aperio.

As part of their Advanced Graphic Design studies module, Students were briefed on a 'real-life' project by the Aperio Communications Manager and their coding programmer. 

In two teams of 5, students assumed roles based on their strengths and specialist interests in areas such as illustration, infographic, animation and interface development, simulating a typical studio team.


Students had to be mindful of the brief when developing a creative solution for the client while managing a tight 2 week production schedule, challenging their organisation skills and teaching them how to be effective team players. Designs were work-shopped and then created in Figma, a programme allowing designs to be prototyped and tested.

Teams then pitched their two alternative concepts to the client who gave critical feedback allowing for further refinements and then a combination of the two concepts was agreed upon. 


The final files were then delivered to the clients coder who replicated the design but also altered it in parts, demonstrating a real-life reality where designs are often altered and changed for various reasons to suit the client or on the technical advice of the coder. 

The project was successfully realised and students felt it was a valuable lesson in experiencing the highs and lows of working with an external client and within structured teams.


The Graphic Design Bachelor's programme is designed to consistently challenge students with practical experience and immersion into professional scenarios, helping to build confidence in the student's and allowing them to fully realise their potential as professional designers.

To view the final live result visit: https://zustavamerodici.cz/

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